Winter Stars Tour

The Winter Stars Tour has run since November '21 & is running over Winter 22-23.See dates below
The Tour is running on the same concept of the Five Stars Tour, with 5 Stars, i.e. 5 height bands. 

3 days/combination qualifies you for the Finals
Regional Finals
7th April - Sceilig
8th April - JAG Equestrian
Portmore EQ - date TBC
Once qualified you are eligible to compete at more than 1 final. 
You can qualify in more than 1 region, in more than 1 height band. Just pick the classes at the Finals you wish to jump.
More information to follow.

Grand Final Schedule - classes for Qualified & non-qualified riders, stay tuned.

Winter Stars Tour Dates
confirmed on 14th Feb

Stay tuned for more information