Welcome to The Tours!

We have 3 Tours now running, The Winter Stars, The Youngster Tour & The Five Stars Tour.  We are delighted to be heading in Year 3 & strive to give more back to the Industry in 2022. We have new additions again for this season & we hope that we will have another successful year ahead.

 Thank you to all our supporters, Horse Sport Ireland, Showjumping Ireland, our Tour Centres, all our Riders, Owners, Breeders & all our Sponsors for their continued investment in our sport.

 Join us  ON TOUR!

Youngster Tour

A Jumping Series to promote the Irish Horse, it is run over 20 shows from May to September. 
The Grand Finals will be take place in Mullingar EC from the 8th - 11th September, 2022. This is the 3rd year of the Tour & we hope to continue the huge successes of the last 2 years.
Grand Finals @ Mullingar EC , 8th - 11th September, 2022.


We have continued the Five Stars Tour for 2022, over 5 Height Bands from the 1* at 85cm-90cm all the way up to the 5* at 1.25m-1.30m, this is open to all aged horses & all passports. Just pick your heights & go up & down the levels when required. There will be 4 & 5 Year Old Championships in addition to the 5 Grand Finals. Click on the Five Stars Tour Page above for details.

Grand Finals @ Mullingar EC Tue 2nd-4th September.

Winter Stars Tour

This Tour was started in November 2021 to allow riders to continue their jumping over the Winter months. The Tour jumps over the same height bands as the Five Stars Tour. 

Grand Final was on the 9th April, at Mullingar EC

Tucci Team Challenge

This is a new concept for 2022. We thank Franco Tucci & Tucci Ireland for their sponsorship. This will run during the Five Stars Tour, the Teams will comprise of 4 Team Members & their results will be accumulated during the Five Stars Tour.

Sponsors Club

New for 2022!

The Youngster Tour & the Five Stars Tour Shows will now give Sponsors the opportunity to get involved at their local Tour Shows. We are inviting potential Sponsors to come on board & sponsor a set of fabulous branded rugs & Winner Rosettes for a Tour Day. All the Tour Social Media machine will be behind advertising each Tour Day. 

Youngster Tour Package : 4 Branded Rugs & 4 x 5 Tier Sponsors Rosettes : e300
Five Stars Tour Package : 5 Branded Winners Rugs & 5 x 5 Tier Sponsors Rosettes : e370

Sponsors Club

Our Sponsors Club, updated to the 2nd June, 2022.We are delighted with the response to our Sponsors Club, we have a number of dates remaining if you are interested, please contact us!

Sponsors Club