Five Stars Tour

This Tour started in 2021 & was a huge success with 3333 registered entries during the Tour. It is an all inclusive Tour that is jumped in 5 height categories, knows as the STARS, from 85cm right up to 1.30m levels.  The Tour is open to all SJI Members, all aged horses with any passport. 
We also encourage our Young Hhorse Producers to get involved & we will have 2 extra classes at the finals for our 4 & 5 Year Old horses that have competed & qualified for the Grand Finals. These 2 classes are open to horses with any passport, Irish & European & will be jumped on a Clear Round basis similar to the Youngster Tour Finals.

Tour Dates 2022 - confirmed to the 25th April

Due to the everchanging SJI Calendar these dates are subject to movement, and are beyond the Tours' control. Please check regularly for updates. 
Rosettes & Prize money must be collected on the day, it is not the responsibility of the Tour to post out rosettes. If a Show requests your IBAN details for Prize Money Payment please lodge to the Show Centre, we ask riders not contact the Tour regarding Prize Money or rosettes.

Five Stars Tour - Information Pack - 2022.pdf


            5* Height bands :

            1* - 85cm – 90cm

            2* - 95cm -1m

            3* - 1.05m-1.10m

            4* - 1.15m – 1.20m

            5* - 1.25m – 1.30m


1. Open to all Showjumping Ireland Registered Riders & Horses, no Temporary Registrations accepted. Shows must be registered & competitors will jump under SJI Rules. All ages & passports are welcome to compete.

2. Horses competing on Irish Horse Board qualifiers where they have won prize money at 2 or more Qualifier Finals on the League, horses qualified for the 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Yr Old Classes at the RDS or horses competing at National GP level are not eligible for the Grand Finals Weekend or any prizes associated with the Tour Finals, but are welcome to compete on the Tour & avail of it as a marketing tool.

3. The aim is to have 20+ Tour Dates spread from April to end of August with the Grand Finals at Mullingar EC on the 2nd -4th September, 2022

The Five Star Tour Classes will be held in the Main Arena of the Qualifier Shows, and must run as independently advertised classes, not part of any height class.

4. Minimum of 3 Show appearances on the Tour qualifies you to enter for the Grand Final Weekend. A combination may jump at a variety of heights throughout the Tour but it is a total of 3 Tour Shows/combination that is necessary.

5. All horses will be pre-entered for the Grand Finals & the rider that rode it on the 3 qualifying shows on the Tour is the rider eligible to ride it on the Grand Final Weekend. (If there is a legitimate sale or injury to the rider before the Festival weekend the owner/rider must contact the organiser before the entry is submitted for the Grand Final Weekend & a decision will be made by the Committee on the validity of the requested change of rider)

6. A rider can ride a maximum of 5 horse/class in the Grand Final Qualifiers & a Maximum of 2 horses in a Grand Final.

- Riders may compete in 2 height band Qualifiers/horse at the Grand Finals weekend.

- A rider/horse combination may compete in only 1 Grand Final, therefore a rider/horse combination that may have qualified for 2 Grand Finals must then choose 1 of the Grand Finals & the next eligible combination will be given the Grand Final slot.

- If a rider has more than 2 horses qualified for any of the 5* Grand Finals it is the highest placed horses on the Result Sheets that will go forward to the Finals. The remaining horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Finals.

7. In the case of the 4 & 5 Yr Old Grand Finals, if a rider has more than the quota qualified, the rider will choose the 2 horses from their qualified horses to go forward to the Grand Final. The Rider must notify the Show Office within 1 hour of the qualifying class finishing with their choice of horses to allow the next eligible combination to be notified for the Grand Final. The rider’s remaining qualified horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Final.

All standard SJI Protocols will stand for in relation to Veterinary Checks, Stipendary Stewarding, boots, Warm Up arena fence height & warm up practices etc.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with by the Stipendary Stewards & the Ground Jury.



The Tucci Team Challenge 2022

Thank you to Franco Tucci & Tucci Ireland!



The Tucci Team Challenge 

The Tucci Team Challenge is part of the Five Stars Tour. It will run during the Tour with Team of 4 accumulating Points towards the Tucci Teams Scoreboard. 

We would like to thank Franco Tucci & Tucci Ireland for supporting their Irish Customers! 

Details available to Download above. 

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